The handpicked UK holiday company

We’re a little bit different to other UK travel companies

Isles and Miles is a new UK holiday company, with a passion for luxury self catering breaks in some of the most stunning locations this country has to offer. As a company we are a little bit different. Not massively different, just a little bit. Because we won’t sell a holiday in a place we’ve never been to and experienced for ourselves. We don’t have thousands of locations and endless rows of properties. We have just the ones where we like to go on holiday. The kind of places we’d recommend to our friends to let them know we are in the know!

It’s all about the experience

We’ve been there and bought the t-shirt. We haven’t just bought the t-shirt. We’ve put it on and jumped in the water wearing it, before meandering back along that hidden track to the luxury of a hot bath and stunning view to be enjoyed with a glass of something chilled. In other words we’ve been there in every sense of the word.

Whether that’s having a management team with over 60 years combined experience in the UK self catering market through to a concierge team that live and breathe every kind of UK self catering holiday there is.

We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. We’ve promoted, sold and delivered tens of thousands of holidays in the UK and Europe, offering unique experiences for hundreds of thousands of customers. We know what customers are looking for and we know what it takes to make unforgettable memories.

Because luxury means different things to different people

Specialising in luxury and uniqueness.  For some people it’s the extra weave of Egyptian silk. For others it an unspoilt view from a terrace overlooking a secluded bay. For most, it's something out of the ordinary, a step away from the humdrum of regular life and a sense of relaxation that can only be achieved by having every care looked after.

So we don’t just use the word luxury as a catch all description. We take time to find out what you mean by luxury and how our self catering holidays can offer you something different, something that memories are made of.

Future updates

As the UK becomes ever more popular as a destination for self catering holidays it makes sense to register with Isles and Miles so we can you keep you updated on our holiday properties, things to do and places to visit. We will never share your details with a third party, we will just use them to send you information about some of the best self catering holidays the UK has to offer.